Katuk’s Passion

k passion photofunia copyA cocktail for the mover and shaker.

Have you ever wanted to walk into the bar and have everyone turn their head and look in awe? Well one sure-fire way to have this happen is by ordering Katuk’s Passion.

Served in a tall glass, this cocktail has a well-balanced flavour for you to enjoy with one simple difference… It is garnished with a flame.

Light, camera and then get ready to enjoy a passion fruit shooter with a little heat.

Then follows a wonderful creation of Absolut Vanilla Vodka, passion fruit and elderflower syrup, apple guava, with a touch of a little old French liqueur called Chartreuse.

You will leave the bar with your drink and a little more swagger in your step.




Japanese Slipper IN the rocks

Japanese Slipper IN the Rocks sketcThere is nothing new or exciting about having a cocktail served on ice. It’s a lovely way to enjoy a refreshing Margarita in Summer, or keeping a boozy Old Fashioned style drink cold and easy to drink. But that’s been done before.

We like to try the unusual here at Katuk. To explore strong new ideas. To seek out new drinks. To boldly go where no bartender has gone before.

Instead of serving a cocktail on the rocks, what if we could service it inside a sphere of ice?

After months of trial and error, scratching our heads, and threatening to throw in the towel, we are very proud to present our newest creation;

The Japanese Slipper IN the rocks.

Midori, Cointreau and lemon juice are injected inside a hollow sphere of ice, served with a maraschino lollipop for you to break through the surface.