A collaboration of industry professionals and years of knowledge and experience have crafted some of
Melbournes ultimate bar experiences at Katuk and Maeve Fox. It is the fruition of a life long vision of the
directors to create bars that achieve elegance and refinement at every angle.
Join us and sign up to become a local for a $5 Membership fee to receive your very own personal discount
card for both our venues.



25% off all drinks every day of the week!
Annual $50 Birthday Bar Tab when you spend $50 at the bar
Exclusive locals members only events annually
Email offers and promotions regularly
Members have priority when booking a function and or any reservations for group bookings.
Conditions apply. Discount is non-transferrable. Your card is yours and yours only, not to be shared.
NB: Please note the the 25% off is not valid during any of our happy hour promotions or towards a function. It also does not apply to some premium bottles of wine, champagne or limited edition or rare spirits.
Please note, you can only login/register once you have obtained a card from one of our staff members.