Class Celebration

  • October 10, 2014

We found the booking process wonderful, the customer service was extremely helpful and our relationship with your venue has only continued to grow throughout the whole experience. Your functions manager, I think her name was Samantha :), was an absolute gem and a pleasure to work with.

We were kept well informed and assisted every step of the way, so once again kudos to your venue for making the whole process extremely easy. We were very thankful that it was so easy to book through you guys.

The night was exactly what we wanted and there were some very nice touches. The nice sign for MUMUS was welcoming and greatly appreciated as well as all of the staff on the night, especially the venue manager.

We were extremely happy with the services, you not only met our expectations but you exceeded them. As an organiser of the event I was extremely happy with the night and your services but the feedback from our attendees was equally positive, with your bar being one of the highlights of the night.

Sanjay Naidu, Class Celebration 19th June 2014